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Enhance Your Lashes with Permanent Makeup in Windsor

For many professionals—particularly those who have consistently intense work weeks—the convenience of not having to touch-up their makeup is what makes permanent makeup in Windsor so appealing. Along with that convenience, our permanent makeup will also enhance sparse lashes and provide more definition to light or faded lashes.

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What’s more, our trained and dedicated staff will create a shape that suits your facial structure well in order to draw attention to your facial structure, particularly your eyebrows and cheek bones.

Our Process

When you choose to have permanent makeup in Windsor applied, it typically occurs over the span of two sessions. During the first session, we will apply the makeup followed by the second session about a month later to perform any touch-ups that may be needed.

If you have had permanent makeup applied elsewhere and are unhappy with the results, we will do corrections and touch-ups to improve the original application.

Our permanent makeup is available in different colours and tones so that we can match your eyebrows or lips as closely as possible. Additionally, we use anesthetic while applying it for a comfortable, pain-free experience.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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Permanent Makeup

Enhance sparse lashes and go through your day without the hassle of applying makeup.

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